Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition and health science to enable individuals to maximize their health potential. Nutritional therapy can help alleviate a wide range of conditions and assist in the recovery from many ill-health situations. Nutritional therapists recognise that each person is an individual who has unique dietary and nutritional requirements. (Nutritional Therapy Council)
Through the use of dietary and lifestyle changes, and supplementation when appropriate, nutritional therapy aims to maximise your health and address heath concerns. Everyone is unique and through an analysis of factors such as your diet, environment, family history, and current lifestyle, an individual, tailored programme can be compiled for you.
It is important to consume a balance of nutrients every day. Each food choice you make - a meal, a snack or something you grab in a hurry, has an impact on your body in a positive or a negative way. There is a lot more information now about healthy eating but it can be difficult to see how it applies to your daily diet. Helen can help you to realise how changes to your diet and lifestyle can be incorporated into your life.
You do not need to have a specific condition for nutritional therapy to be beneficial. It can be that you are feeling low in energy, ‘under the weather’ or would like to understand how you can help yourself to keep healthy. Also, nutritional therapy doesn’t just treat symptoms; it works on the underlying causes of health problems and balancing the body to enable it to work effectively.
The following are some of the health concerns that nutritional therapy can help to address:
Low energy   Skin problems
Depression and anxiety   Food allergies/intolerance
Weight management   Hay fever
Blood sugar issues and diabetes   Frequent coughs and colds
Digestive problems   Joint aches and pain
Headaches and migraines   Nutrition for exercise
Hormonal problems   Disease prevention
Stress   General wellbeing
High blood pressure/ cholesterol    
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